Thankful Thoughts at Thanksgiving

文/Shomin Chiou


  For so many years, every time around Thanksgiving, when people ask me: To whom would you like to thank the most? I always replied: my parents. But this year, there is a person particularly would like to say thank you. That is my wonderful husband.


  My husband and I came from 2 different countries. We met in this country 23 years ago. Since then, we faced a lot of first time in our life together. The first time the car broke down on the road. The first time we lost our job. The first time we had surgery in hospital. No matter what, we always have a place to live and food to eat.


  Four years ago, at age 43 and after 15 years of marriage, we had our first child. This is the best gift we could have wished for. Since then, we had a lot of good first time together with our happy and healthy boy.


  I always fell I am a very lucky person. Seventeen years ago, my parents introduced me to join the Tai Ji Men big family to learn Chi-Gong. We all know that life has a lot of up and down. When I am at the up side, I have a lot of energy and can help people. What happen when I am at the down side? My friends at Tai Ji Men could help me to quickly get back to the breakeven level. Over there, I learn to turn negative thinking to positive thinking, to turn crisis to opportunities and to turn the failure experiences to the foundation of success. So the next morning when I wake up, I have the energy I needed to move forward..


  I would like to thank everyone I know because you all make my life meaningful. Especially, I would like to thank my wonderful husband and lovely son. Because I know, together, we can make a better tomorrow..

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